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Xiaomi Mi Band full review

You're perusing this audit since you need a spending wellness tracker however you either can't or won't spend much cash on one.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is currently on special for $15 on Xiaomi's online store for the US, UK and Europe after Xiaomi sold millions in China and no less than six million around the world.
Xiaomi Mi Band

The new $22 pulse tracker: Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse survey

So the cost is correct. However, how's the following?

Xiaomi Mi Band: Design and fit

This is the manner by which you plan a spending wearable. Keep it straightforward, doltish.

Cost when explored:


The Mi Band comprises of the oval-molded following module which has a matte chrome complete and perfect, chamfered edges and a (default) dark or beautiful, elastic band. That is it - no fiddly catches, no clasps, only a flawless, shabby tracker that everybody can wear. In the application, there is a choice to pick left hand, right hand or neck position so maybe Xiaomi is taking a shot at Misfit-style accessory embellishments as well.

Xiaomi Mi Band audit

With an IP67 rating, the Mi Band is waterproof down to 1m for up to 30 minutes - even the Jawbone UP3 couldn't deal with that. It's incredibly light, as well, and doesn't confine wrist development in any capacity like some smartwatches and greater action trackers do. To such an extent that you scarcely see it on your wrist - particularly essential as it tracks rest and additionally steps. One drawback is that the two sections are effortlessly scraped - we don't know to what extent the Mi Band will last when worn ordinary for quite a long time.

The Mi Band's fundamental rivalry at this cost are $5 pedometers and well, simply utilizing Google Fit or Fitbit on your telephone without a wearable gadget by any means. Be that as it may, it works well as a grapple as well - the demonstration of putting it on the morning can make you more prone to have your objectives as a primary concern.

There's no show yet there are three LEDs on top - the shade of which can be redone in the Mi Fit application - to demonstrate to you your advancement. For example, the base LED will flicker in case you're under 30% of the route towards your objective. In principle, the LEDs carried on while charging however didn't execute as they should when we flicked our wrist. It's forgiveable at this cost - it's $15! - yet the LED capacity would have been a major Fuelband-like tick regarding inspiring the client on the off chance that they really worked legitimately.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Activity and rest following

Xiaomi Mi Band survey

The Mi Band's following is some place in the middle of applications, for example, Google Fit and Moves and trackers with genuine sensors, for example, pulse screens. It tracks steps, separate and evaluated calories consumed and in addition giving a timetable of to what extent you are dynamic every day. It breaks your day into strolls, runs and exercises in a fairly unconventional manner - that is, in multi day when you have emphatically not been running anyplace, you will discover a 'run' recorded.

This is quite irritating yet as far as objectives - for example step objectives - these are anything but difficult to watch without getting excessively hindered with what the Mi Band supposes you've been doing. We found the Mi Band marginally overestimated our means and separation voyaged every day so remember this when you're nibbling on that browned chicken sandwich since you've crushed your objective.

Rest following is much the same, with the Mi Band frequently out by at any rate thirty minutes which may be down to the way that it's programmed - you don't have to reveal to Xiaomi you will rest. It professes to track how much profound rest and light rest you've had every night - precarious to tell how exact this is nevertheless given that our hand developments appear to clock up excessively action, we'd state the light rest figure is most likely additionally too high.

So it's not the most precise tracker out there, no curve balls here. Yet, especially for action following, it could in any case be more valuable than an essential pedometer (no details) or utilizing your telephone in which case the battery will rundown. The Mi Band interfaces over Bluetooth, obviously, yet in the event that you needn't bother with the guest cautions (see underneath) it doesn't need to be synchronized throughout the day. It's additionally worth calling attention to that the Mi Band is perfect with both iPhone and Android and works with Google Fit.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Features

Xiaomi Mi Band survey

The Mi Band has two or three non-wellness highlights including a caution and vibrations when you get a call. It's a disgrace that it can't vibrate when you get instant messages and WhatsApps - as savvy adornments without shows do - yet again Xiaomi is adhering to the rudiments to minimize expenses and that battery long lasting.

In the event that you have a Xiaomi telephone - which you presumably don't - you can likewise set up the Mi Band as a sheltered gadget with its Smart Lock include. So when the Mi Band is close to, your telephone opens naturally. It's a pleasant additional, and will do well in China where both Xiaomi telephones and Mi Bands are significantly more typical than in the UK, Europe and the US. It is incredible to see this element took off to all Android telephones yet that is no uncertainty out of Xiaomi's control until further notice.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Mi Fit application

Xiaomi Mi Band audit

A point before we hop into the application encounter - for the most part the Mi Band matches up fine however the first occasion when we combined it with our Moto X, it took us no less than five attempts, once in which the application said there were an excessive number of gadgets close-by. Sufficiently reasonable.

The application is extremely fundamental with a profile enumerating your normal advances, add up to days utilizing the application and aggregate km strolled and in addition tallness and weight. That is over the fundamental screen of illustrations demonstrating that you are so near hitting your every day steps focus on, a course of events of exercises and additionally the standard week by week graph. There's very little in the method for long haul inspiration however you can set up the application to send you a notice following 9.30pm consistently with your day's advancement with a comparative caution every morning to detail your rest.

Xiaomi has an extremely extraordinary chance to extend the Mi Fit application before it dispatches some other wearables. It as of now has a great deal of clients in Asia and it could hop in front of Jawbone and Fitbit in offering significant bits of knowledge that take advantage of propensity framing strategies. As we stated, the equipment is light, simple to coexist with and unquestionably the least expensive around - manufacture an incredible wellness and way of life application and an adaptation 2 Mi Band with enhanced precision and Xiaomi could be relentless.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band

Wareable may get a commission

Xiaomi Mi Band: Battery life and charging

Xiaomi Mi Band audit

Xiaomi says the Mi Band is useful for 30 days amongst charges and we've no motivation to question that. Following seven days of wearing the Band, the rate showed in the application scarcely moved. That is not as noteworthy as a Misfit Flash or Jawbone UP Move, both of which don't have shows and can most recent a half year. Be that as it may, again the Mi Band is less expensive than both of these and 30 days is a whole lot superior to any wearable with a screen and in addition top of the line trackers which commonly most recent seven days.

Charging is fast - from zero to full in under two hours - and simple enough with an exclusive link which the following module openings into. It's short and simple to lose however so watch out for it.

Xiaomi Mi Band

By Xiaomi

The Mi Band is a long way from consummate however with a great deal of the niggles we experienced, we needed to stop and recollect this isn't a gadget ten times the value, it's $15. That implies it's certainly justified regardless of a punt in case you don't know about wellness trackers or about wearables all in all. Simply make sure to check your action course of events to ensure it's not gifting you several means and the Mi Band could be an incredible deal wellness device. A starter tracker for anybody not certain they are prepared to venture out with a Fitbit or Jawbone.


So. Damn. Modest.

Light, agreeable plan


multi day battery life


Can overestimate action

Restricted application

Sensitive LEDs

Some matching issues

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