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This Bike Phone Mounts is very Good for You

What is the best bicycle telephone mount for driving, riding unpleasant landscape, or both? What mount most effectively fits into your every day schedule? In the wake of inquiring about 30 models, we purchased eight bicycle telephone mount for next to each other testing. We at that point rampaged and trails to assess how these performed in normal drives and also unpleasant street and trail conditions. We likewise assessed every one for water opposition and residue obstruction. At last, we put them on soil bicycles for a definitive solidness and vibration tests. Our discoveries astounded us, as a portion of the least expensive choices performed awesome for some applications. Beneath the item proposals, we list purchasing exhortation on the most proficient method to choose the correct mount and examine on the off chance that you are in an ideal situation with a devoted bicycle PC.
While a little bulky  the Morpheus is still good looking and easy to get on and off the bars.

We have another most loved telephone mount and it's shockingly moderate. While we were distrustful of the somewhat massive mount at first, it's presently our most loved choice and enabled us to dispose of additional cases and magnets to use with an "air vent magnet" in our auto.


Our Favorite Bike Phone Mount

Morpheus Labs M4s

Morpheus Labs M4s Editors' Choice Award


at Amazon

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Mounting alternatives: Bar | Waterproof?: Optional

Quickest telephone on and off the bar

Slimmest case tried

Case works with other attractive mounts


Quick to swap between bicycles

Not Android good

Bar mount somewhat massive

Difficult to focus mount on bicycle

Not an all inclusive plan

Not exclusively is this our most loved mount, it's the slightest costly choice tried that can be worked with one hand. It's substantially less expensive than the Quad Lock and Rokform and significantly simpler to switch between bicycles. The case is the slimmest we tried and isn't substantially thicker than a standard defensive case. Therefore, and the reality it has a worked in magnet, we make this our regular case. The Quad Lock and the Mount Case both have bulkier cases that were only somewhat thicker than we needed for putting in a pocket for every day utilize. What's more, in light of the fact that neither of those different cases with a magnet, it was frequently hard or inconvenient to add a magnet to the back of the case. Morpheus offers their CarMount however pretty much any "air vent" mount will work. The bar mount is secure and never loosed, even on a 65-mile rebuffing off-road bicycle ride. It has the least demanding one-gave task of any mount tried. It's moderately quick and simple to swap among bicycles and bars and does not require any apparatuses like the Quad Lock and Mount Case do. In the event that you need to add mounts for all time to numerous bicycles, bar mounts are just $25, not at all like the Quad Lock which costs $40 per extra mount.

The fundamental downside is that it just works with iPhones. Android clients are up the creek without a paddle. The mount is somewhat cumbersome and not so streamlined as the Quad Lock. It tends to be hard to focus the mount on your bicycle, contingent upon your stem estimate. While it is typically quick to swap between bicycles, if the bar sizes fluctuate significantly, it can take a brief period. In the event that you need the case to be waterproof, you need to purchase an additional cover for $10 that does not have the best touchscreen affectability. By and large, this is our most loved mount. On the off chance that you as of now utilize an "air vent" mount in your auto, this case will spare acquiring magnets and repurchasing them when they tumble off.


The Most Streamlined and Stylish Option

Quad Lock

Quad Lock Top Pick Award


at Amazon

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Mounting choices: Bar | Waterproof?: Yes

Snappy and low profile

Weatherproof and secure for mountain biking

Quick on and off

Must purchase a case for each kind of telephone


Doesn't fit all bars, dubious to introduce

This is a costly bicycle telephone mount that is likewise the slimmest. It's by a wide margin the sleekest alternative we tried, both for style and wind drag. It's the second quickest to get on and off on the off chance that you need to take a snappy photograph or expel your telephone from your bicycle. The case isn't considerably thicker than a standard telephone case (however thicker than the Morpheus). Contingent upon your bar estimate, it tends to be anything but difficult to fixate the mount on your bars. Or on the other hand kinda a torment in the butt.

The fundamental drawback is the cost. Not exclusively is there a high forthright cost, on the off chance that you have numerous bicycles that you switch between, you'll likewise need to burn through $40 per extra mount. In the event that you don't utilize the case constantly, at that point you need to monitor a second case and switch your telephone between the two. Establishment can be dubious, contingent upon your bar estimate. On the off chance that you purchase the all inclusive mount, likewise get some zip ties. We broke the elastic groups it accompanied inside weeks. Notwithstanding, its difficult to keep the mount tight with zip binds and you have to alter it regularly. Our mount released in unpleasant territory, the telephone turned to confront the ground and after that a stone split the screen. That was a bummer. While the "waterproof half" of the case is husky and defensive, it doesn't have great screen affectability when contrasted with a devoted waterproof telephone case. Consequently, except if it was sprinkling, we normally left the screen defender (as appeared in the photograph above).


Reasonable and Functional

Ailun Silicone Strap

AILUN Silicone Strap Best Buy Award


at Amazon

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Mounting alternatives: Bar | Waterproof?: No

Works with any size telephone

Cheap and lightweight

Quick and simple to switch between bicycles

Additionally connects to shopping baskets any 0.5-2" bar

Sets aside a little opportunity to anchor bigger telephones

Not the most noteworthy toughness

Constrained mounting introductions

This is one of the minimum costly telephone mounts you can put on your bike but then it performs well. For some individuals, this might be all they require at a small amount of the cost of the mounts above and underneath. It's easy to swap among bicycles and requires no instruments. It remains nearby to your bar not at all like the Roam display underneath that sticks far up and is very cumbersome. Models like the Roam advanced free when on rough territory however the Ailun remained strong.

It has restricted mounting introductions. You can just view the telephone in picture when on your handlebar and just in scene when on your bicycle's stem. This is the fundamental favorable position of the VUP bicycle telephone mount underneath. The VUP turns into whatever introduction you need. It's likewise simpler to get 6-inch telephones all through the VUP. When we put a cumbersome waterproof case on our iPhone 8 Plus, we were scarcely ready to get it in the Ailun.


Top Pick for Durability and Multiple Bar Widths

Tigra Sport Mountcase II

Tigra Sport Mountcase II Top Pick Award

$70 List

Rundown Price

See It

Mounting alternatives: Bar or stem | Waterproof?: Yes

Appends to basically any bar safely

Extremely tough and vibration safe

Beginning buy and adornments substantially less costly than Quad Lock

Takes some time and an Allen key to introduce/swap bicycles

Foul look

Each case in telephone particular

It may not be as smooth as the Quad Lock, but rather this Tigra offering goes on numerous more handlebar widths and appends all the more safely. The Quad Lock edges ahead on the grounds that it joins and disconnects all the more rapidly (both the telephone and the mount) and has a more refined outline. It's our best proposal for bicycle suburbanites. So, there are some critical focal points for a few people with the Mountcase II. For one, the Mountcase joins to pretty much any bar width safely. We've earth biked more than 1000 miles of tough desert trails and never had this case come free. It's what we keep on using as our bike GPS. The Quad Lock all inclusive mount, then again, split away after our first crash (we supplanted the elastic groups with zip ties and it's presently more secure yet at the same time not as secure as the Mountcase). Likewise, the Mountcase connects to short stems while the Quad Lock does not. Purchasing extra mounts for the Mountcase is $20, though additional mounts for the Quad Lock run $30-50. For mountain biking and earth biking, we take the Mountcase over the Quad Lock. It's significant that the cases and fronts of the Quad Lock and Mountcase are comparative, it's simply the real mount that varies much.

Introducing the Mountcase can be an agony on the off chance that you don't have the correct Allen key (the key works yet is somewhat short). By examination, swapping the Quad Lock is significantly quicker and utilizes a substantially more standard size Allen key. The look is un-refined: it would seem that the tail of a monster zip tie. While the mount is super secure, it tends to be somewhat precarious to get the telephone on and off some of the time. It is anything but a major ordeal except if you are riding and run over a brief instant photograph opportunity. Like the Quad Lock, each telephone needs an extraordinarily planned case: you can't simply loan this to your accomplice or companion on the off chance that they have an alternate telephone. When you change your telephone, you have to change your case. For instance, while overhauling from the iPhone 6+ to iPhone 7+, the telephone measurement was the same however the camera moved a small amount of an inch, which implied you needed to expel it from the case to take a photograph. In conclusion, when you put on the screen side of the case, the touch screen isn't that exact likewise with the Quad Lock.

Is it true that you are Better Off with a Dedicated Bike Computer?

The upside of a bicycle PC over a bicycle telephone mount is that you get a substantially more streamlined bundle. Indeed, even the littlest cell phone is substantially bulkier than the greatest bicycle PC. A portion of the least expensive bicycle PCs are more affordable than some cell phone mounts. You additionally show signs of improvement battery life.

The drawback to bicycle PCs is that higher-end demonstrate cost $200 in addition to. What's more, a portion of the more current applications have numerous a larger number of highlights and criticism than most bicycle PCs. While some bicycle PCs refresh their product, the applications tend to refresh all the more much of the time. Since numerous individuals convey a telephone while cycling at any rate, there may not be much increment in weight. See our inside and out bicycle PC audit to check whether it's a decent choice for you.


Incentive With a Twist

VUP Silicone Mount

VUP Silicone Best Buy Award


at Amazon

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Mounting choices: Bar or stem | Waterproof?: No

Effectively turns for various introductions

Reasonable and quick to swap between bicycles

Fits pretty much any telephone

Flawed sturdiness

Scarcely holds 6" telephone in a waterproof case

This mount is a gigantic esteem and has a few points of interest over the Ailun above. It pivots, which permits arrangement on the stem or handlebar (the Ailun takes a shot at the handlebar in representation mode). It obliges bigger telephones superior to the Ailun (above) and works with a major waterproof case with a 6-inch screen (yet it's a stretch). With this style, you get the chance to keep your present case and don't need to swap between telephone particular alternatives.

The drawback to this style is that it requires a little investment to anchor and evacuate the telephone. It's solitary a couple of additional seconds, yet it makes it more outlandish you will rapidly catch a photograph opportunity. The elastic connections are not so stout. When one bit of the "cobweb" splits you need to discard the entire unit. In examination, the Roam unit (underneath), while not suggested, comes with additional replaceable "bug catching networks" that you can supplant on the off chance that one breaks. NOTE: there are a great deal of telephone cases that resemble this from various brands on Amazon.


Useful for Storage On Top Tube

Ibera Top Tube Bag

Ibera Top Tube Bag


at Amazon

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Mounting alternatives: Top tube | Waterproof?: Yes

Works with any size telephone

Waterproof and economical

Stores a bunch of biking basics

Can strike into you knees while accelerating

Hard to control the telephone without taking it out

Sets aside opportunity to evacuate telephone for photographs

While we're not devotees of this style of mount, this is one of the more hearty alternatives we've gone over and it's extremely reasonable. It ensures your telephone and has enough space for repair devices, shades, a light windbreak and a bite. Pretty much any telephone will fit in here.

The monster issue is the ease of use of the telephone. The plastic is thick to the point that touchscreen precision is powerless. We typically just set aside the opportunity to expel the telephone from the sack to utilize it, which is an agony and invalidates the general purpose of a bike telephone mount. In particular, we had an extreme time making the home catch works. There are some workarounds, yet none are that extraordinary. Similarly as with any best tube sack that is more extensive than the best tube, your knees may touch this pack, contingent upon your bicycle's geometry. By and large this is a modest pack that fills some bicycle needs yet has a second rate screen interface.


Extraordinary for Storage On Handlebars

Ubegood Phone Bag

Ubegood Phone Bag


at Amazon

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Mounting choices: Bar/stem | Waterproof?: No

Suits every single size telephone


Avoids the method for your legs

Puts mass on your bars

Poor control of touchscreen

No expedient access to photographs

On the off chance that you need stockpiling on your handlebars, this is a decent choice. It keeps the telephone right in your field of view. Establishment is generally quick and simple. Space is satisfactory for the vast majority of your biking basics. Since it's off the best tube, this sack doesn't keep running into your legs while accelerating.

Like the Ibera over, the thick plastic makes controlling the telephone's touchscreen extremely troublesome. We were disappointed more often than not and typically simply expelled the telephone from the case to make everything except the most fundamental activities. The sack makes mass on your handlebars. This confines the field of vision a bit, yet the fundamental issue is that it looks and feels cumbersome. It influences you to resemble a bicycle vacationer, which if that is what you're going for, mission achieved!


We Don't Recommend This Design

Wander Universal

Wander Universal Mount


at Amazon

See It

Mounting alternatives: Bar | Waterproof?: No

Works with any size telephone


Elastic parts are replaceable


Sets aside a little opportunity to connect

In the case of riding harsh landscape, mount relaxes

While we at first idea this model was a contender for best esteem, we came to loathe this style. It's not without upsides: it works with any size telephone, is economical and the cobweb like elastic parts are replaceable. The connection to the bar was more strong than some different models that broke when fixing (we don't list any of those models in this survey). In any case, the cons exceeded these geniuses.

Most importantly, it's extremely massive contrasted with the Best Buy champs above. It stands out on your bars. All the more vitally, after numerous miles or while going over unpleasant landscape, the mount would extricate. You at that point needed to stop and retighten. After some time, this turned out to be particularly irritating when such a significant number of different mounts did not have this issue.

The 3 styles of telephone mounts: upper left are two all inclusive bar sacks upper right are two all inclusive bar mounts and base focus are the two variants of the Quad Lock (with the cases on the base left).

The 3 styles of telephone mounts: upper left are two general bar packs, upper right are two all inclusive bar mounts and base focus are the two forms of the Quad Lock (with the cases on the base left).

See our Article On Loading GPS Tracks

One of the principle points of interest of a bar telephone mount is the capacity to stack a course and tail it. See our article on the best way to stack a GPS document on your telephone

Purchasing Advice

The most vital choice is which of the three styles of bicycle telephone mount do you need: A bolt mount particular to your telephone, a general mount or a bar-mounted sack? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each. The correct style for you will rely upon your financial plan and regular utilize.

Bolt Mounts


This is the most secure, solid and smooth alternative of the three. In the wake of introducing the bar mount, the telephone locks into put and just falls off with a two-advance procedure of pressing a locking system and turning the telephone. This style is the quickest to get on and off your bicycle, which is advantageous for taking photographs or rapidly going into a store or your goal.

The Morpheus mount is quick on and off yet difficult to focus on the bars. What's more, somewhat massive.

The Morpheus mount is quick on and off, yet difficult to fixate on the bars. Furthermore, somewhat massive.


Not exclusively is there a major forthright cost, in light of the fact that the bar mounting frameworks are ease back to move from bicycle to bicycle, you may need to purchase different mounts for different bicycles you utilize oftentimes. Whenever you change your telephone, you have to rebuy the case. In the event that you don't care for the case enough to use as your regular case (either on the grounds that the style or the additional majority of the locking component), you need to expel your telephone and exchange it to a case you do like.

Upper left is the Ailun general mount upper right the Quad Lock and low focus is the Ibera.

Upper left is the Ailun general mount, upper right the Quad Lock and low focus is the Ibera.

General Bar Mounts


It joins to your bar and will work with pretty much any sort of telephone. Once in a while there is a clasp and quite often there is a "bug catching network" that goes via telephone's corners. These are the slightest costly choices. For whatever length of time that your case is generally low profile, it ought to be perfect. You don't need to switch between cases that are particular to the mount.


Maybe a couple of these choices are waterproof. In the event that you add a waterproof case to a greater telephone, it might be excessively massive, making it impossible to work. A few models are very massive. Sturdiness shifts fiercely. A few mounts broke on establishment. A few mounts likewise require consistent fixing to keep from slipping on the bars. Typically, this mount won't take a shot at rough territory or when mountain biking. It likewise can be hard to focus the telephone over the bar.

In the event that you need to mount the Ailun on the stem it must be utilized in scene mode. This was a major favorable position to the VUP which pivots.

In the event that you need to mount the Ailun on the stem, it must be utilized in scene mode. This was a major favorable position to the VUP which pivots.

All inclusive Bar Bags


These sacks are economical and will work with generally telephones. They are moderately simple to introduce and secure. They include enough storage room for a tube, light coat or a few tidbits.


The principle challenge is touchscreen convenience. The plastic sheet may shield you from getting to your telephones Home catch, which makes utilizing the telephone hard. There might be a workaround (see this one for iphone), yet and, after its all said and done, telephone ease of use is still generally much slower and inclined to blunders. These packs are somewhat cumbersome. In the event that mounted on the best tube, they can hit your legs while accelerating. At the point when mounted at the stem, they are a cumbersome mass before you. It requires a little investment to evacuate the telephone in the event that you need to take a photograph or you achieve your goal.

While a little massive the Morpheus is still attractive and simple to get on and off the bars.

While somewhat massive, the Morpheus is still attractive and simple to get on and off the bars.


On the off chance that you have the cash and utilize your bicycle a ton, the locking style cases are the best approach. In any case, they take some squirming and require changing each time your telephone changes. For some individuals, the all inclusive bar mounts are more than satisfactory. They are super cheap, quick to introduce, light and low profile. On the off chance that you have to store things on your bicycle, the all inclusive cases can be helpful, simply don't depend on incredible touchscreen usefulness.

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